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Mike Murray former founder and owner of O.P.P.T.I. Mr. Murray is still associated with O.P.P.T.I. still helping teach all offered firearms classes. Mr. Murray served proudly with the United States Marine Corp for 4 years and 30 years with the Upper Arlington Police Department. Mr. Murray is a lifetime member of the NRA and a certified NRA Firearms Instructor. Mr. Murray is also state certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission to teach firearms. Mr. Murray still enjoys competing in rifle, pistol and shotgun at the state, national and international level and has earned the title as a World Class Shooter. Mr. Murray has 50 plus years of firearm training teaching Police Officers, Private Security Guards, Military Personnel and Civilians. 

Ron Cordial current owner and Private Security Commander/ Firearms Instructor for O.P.P.T.I. Mr. Cordial served proudly for 21 years, 3 years active and 18 years in the Reserves with the United States Army and 25 years with the Columbus Police Department. Mr. Cordial also enjoys competing in rifle, pistol and shotgun at the state, national and international level. Mr. Cordial is a lifetime member of the NRA and is a certified NRA firearms instructor. Mr. Cordial has 25 plus years of teaching firearms to the Military, Police Officers, Private Security Guards and Civilians. 

Tony Walton currently serves as the O.P.P.T.I IT Administrator. Mr. Walton is also an avid shooter and former Chief Safety Officer for O.P.P.T.I. Mr. Walton completed his Ohio Peace Officer Training and has served with several Police Departments as a patrol officer. 




In 1997, O.P.P.T.I., became incorporated with emphasis on brining quality firearms training to the Private Security Industry and continuing our dedication to the Law Enforcement Profession. We feel our experience and qualified staff are second to none with our reputation over the years saying it all. This tradition will remain even though the reins have changed hands.

Our Motto


“Guns when used in a Safe and Conscientious manner are a great source of freedom and recreation… But one careless moment can result in tragedy, 


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“If you can’t think to do it in training, what makes you think you’ll think to do it in combat?”

Tony Blauer

“This is the law: The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense.

The sword is more important than the shield and the skill is more important than either.

The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.”

John Steinbeck


Private Security Programs


Offering basic handgun re-qualification and shotgun courses.

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Concealed Carry


8 hour concealed carry classes offered $90.00

*Contact for available dates*

Advanced Handgun Course


8 hour advanced handgun course offered $160.00

*Contact for available dates*

Range Directions

Briar Rabbit Ohio Shooting Sports

2949 Granger Hill Road, Zanesville, Ohio 43701, United States


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